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This time we are going to provide an overview of the business which we reviewed on our last post in order to help our readers with more insight of the business. The following text is what the Agency tells us about themselves.

When it comes to employment, we are a reliable and a highly competent organization that maintains cordial relationships and conduct our businesses in the most efficient way. More so, we are licensed by the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment and hence subjected to supervision every time to monitor our activities. We carefully interview all potential employees to determine their compliance to employers’ requirements and their sustainability for the job.

At Cargo Lanka (Private) Limited, a Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency; we conduct trade test upon request by independent organizations who have been selected based on their fitness to carry out such tests and issue valid certificates. After the tests, the candidates are subjected to medical examinations to verify their mental and physical wellness. We also involve the police to do a background check on the selected candidates. Successful candidates are given visas and tickets to enable them to prepare for departure without any further delay.

We also have a large database which is at the clients’ disposal hence they can use the same to screen suitable candidates. To show our commitment to the candidates, we are not only dedicated but we are also prompt in providing the services. Our key services include short-listing the candidates, carrying out preliminary interviews, coordinating the response and advertising for the jobs available. We are there to create an efficient and equitable routes for potential employees to benefit in overseas employment opportunities while contributing to economic growth.

In terms of employment, we are the most respected recruitment agencies in Sri Lanka. We have provided successful employment opportunities and we also have flexible cooperation with the world by providing job opportunities to those who need to work abroad within a few years. This is why many candidates keep on visiting our offices. Above all, we keenly listen and act responsibility to accommodate our clients’ objectives.

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Welcome, this is our first ever review to start off with.

We would be reviewing a business from Sri Lanka today, a family-run business expanding over 02 decades of operations.

The business first started as Forwarding Company in Saudi Arabia and as an expansion strategy was to venture as an Employment Agency in the year 1993.

They have since been growing exponentially first foraying into the Saudi Arabian Labor market by providing Sri Lankan workforce to their clients; such demands being initially for unskilled labor and then catering to demand for semi-skilled, skilled, professional and white-collar talents. They did not stop there; the company also looked into the possibility in offering executive recruitment and headhunting services to their clients. The all in-house services provided by the firm made it the one-stop solutions for their clients to look forward when it comes to sourcing people from Sri Lanka.

Only catering to the Saudi Arabian market for nearly a decade and the organization looked into labour markets in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and rest of the Gulf. During the period Malaysia and Maldives proved to be a destination favored by the Job Seekers hence opening its job market to the Sri Lankan Manpower.

The business is one of the largest overseas recruitment agencies in sri lanka, yet maintaining its quality of service through personalized service which is achieved by working their staffs in groups and limiting a few selected clients to each recruiting unit while the units headed by experts look into serving their premium and most valued clients while special care is taken when it comes to serving their long-standing corporate clients; which is an excellent service point of Cargo Lanka (Private) Limited, duly licensed by the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.

If you are looking for a quality recruitment agencies in sri lanka, look no further. This agency has everything in their grasp.

Verdict: A power-packed manpower firm that seems to have all in their stock, they can amuse you with their awesome performance.

Rating: 4.5/5

Overseas Recruitment Agencies in Sri Lanka

A Review on Overseas Recruitment Agencies in Sri Lanka

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